We Design Intelligent Monitoring Systems for Remote Environments

SparroWatch takes the complexity out of monitoring. We automate laborious tasks and minimise the need for human intervention in the surveillance process. Our system uses artificial intelligence and computer vision that automatically determines what is happening in a location. 

We use a multi-layered verification process to filter out unwanted data. This dramatically reduces false alarms and increases battery life significantly, as only event-based data is transmitted. When an event of interest does occur, the system will send the footage over a secure, cellular network to the end-user. 

Our battery-powered equipment ensures a simple, low-cost deployment in remote environments, without the need for any wiring or civil works. The system is designed to be redeployable, scalable and adaptable. Our equipment is weatherproof and robust, enabling monitoring in the harshest locations.


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SparroWatch Ltd

The Greenway Hub, Grangegorman Lower, Dublin 7