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Smart, Battery-Powered Cameras

We are developing smart, battery-powered cameras that can be used to intelligently monitor both urban and rural environments. The cameras will include intelligent processors that can analyse images of an area for specific types of behaviour. Smart sensors and triggering mechanisms allow the system to prolong the battery life. This maximises efficiency and the length of time that the camera can be deployed in the field. The robust cameras are designed to be anti-tamper and vandal proof.

Cloud Connected

Our camera system is backed up to the cloud. The encrypted software system will protect all sensitive data generated by the cameras. The connected system allows registered users to safely monitor remote areas.

Prototype Development

Do you have an issue with Information and communications technology (ICT) ? Our team has experience consulting businesses that require bespoke technology solutions to unique problems. We can help fix your complex problems by developing cost-effective hardware and software solutions. 

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